WEBINAR Series: How to Attain Halal Certification

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This online seminar provides a roadmap and practical advice on how-to attain a Halal certification for your products and services by covering:

  • Overview of relevant Halal products & services

  • Guiding through the certification process of JAKIM

  • Common challenges for foreign firms


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Background: Why Halal?
The continuous 4% growth p.a. reached in 2016 a Halal food market volume of nearly € 800 billion.  
As a trusted country of origin for 1.8 billion Muslims worldwide, Malaysia became with € 9 billion 
export revenue the largest exporter for Halal F&B. In doing so, the country itself is a potential market
with its liberal Muslim majority and 76% Halal certified food and beverages.

Halal is a safety standard applicable not only on food and beverages, but to beauty and fashion products
as well. The certification of Malaysia's authority body JAKIM is thereby a widely accepted and trusted
indicator for verified quality regardless of religion.

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